Your Job Search Resolutions

04 Jan 2018


Did your New Years Resolutions include plans for a job change or a new career? Do you know what steps you're going to take to get yourself there?

Maybe this is the year you get to the gym … or eat more salads … or quit smoking … or start reading more. But have you made your job search resolutions for 2018 to help further your career toward that goal!?

1. Apply Less. Network More.

Make one of your 2018 job search goals to become a networker extraordinaire. Don’t just rely on job posting boards or LinkedIn suggestions – get yourself out there and talk to anyone and everyone. The more people you know – and the more people who know about your career goals – the more likely you’re going to be to achieve what you want!

2. Vet Your Social Media Profiles.

The Santa hat photos of you and the cat can stay … but take a look at what else is on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure all that content is palatable for potential employers. If you chat with someone about your career goals at the gym, chances are they’re going to head straight to social media to check you out … the same goes for online job applications. Make sure the selfies are appropriate and the language is G-Rated!

3. Know What You’re After

When you go to the grocery store hungry but without a list, you know what happens! To succeed, you have to know what it is that you want. The same applies to your job search. Don’t just cast a wide net and hope you catch something … do some research, find some targets, set your goals and work directly toward them! Go after the job you want … not just any job that will take you.

4. Become A Volunteer

Volunteerism is one of the most impressive and eye-catching sections of any CV. Beyond the altruism demonstrated by someone who does lots of volunteering, recruiters can get a glimpse into your areas of interest and passion without you having to tell them about it. A candidate with a full time position plus volunteer hours on top of that is clearly someone with excellent time management skills and someone who wants to be busy. And what employer doesn’t want that!?