Why You Should Take Advantage Of Summer Co-Op Season!

29 Apr 2016


Co-op season is upon us! Across Ontario, thousands of college students are in the midst of searching for their ideal summer work term experience – and dealers throughout the province should be taking advantage of this!

Co-op students provide an ideal source of manpower during the busy summer months – and give employers the opportunity to train and “test drive” potential permanent employees. With hundreds of hours of classroom time under their belts, co-op opportunities provide real world and real time experience for students who have chosen to pursue a career in our industry. 

Engaging a co-op student (either during the summer months or at another point during the year) can help an employer significantly reduce recruiting costs, as they come well-versed in industry terminology and ready to take on any assigned task, eliminating the need for lengthy and frustrating reading of cover letters and interviews. Consider a student’s co-op term with your dealership as a “vetting” period for someone who could become your next lifelong employee! 

Bringing a co-op student on board with your dealership can also help to create and cement positive relationships with your local college or other post-secondary institution. Across Ontario, colleges serve as the most effective creators of our next generation of employees and TADA works to encourage our dealer members to build strong relationships with schools in their area. The more positive things a placement office hears about your workplace environment, the more likely they are to think of you when the next crop of graduates, co-op students or apprentices are ready to enter the workforce. 

Active and engaged employers are KEY to ensuring that the co-op system in Ontario works effectively. You are needed, as an employer, to help round out a student’s education with an experiential term that allows them active learning time outside of the classroom setting. And you will benefit in return, as students bring new perspectives, new ideas and youthful energy and enthusiasm to any workplace! 

Contact your local college today to inquire about summer co-op students – or get in touch with TADA to get connected with any number of post-secondary institutions that can help you secure a co-op student quickly and easily!