Where Can An Automotive Education Take You?

06 Jan 2017


My name is Tony Langford and I was awarded the Trillium Automotive Dealers Association award at Conestoga College in May 2015. It was such a great accomplishment for me being just under 40 years of age and I really wanted my kids to see that 'What you put in, you will get out'.

Currently, I am part of a maintenance team located in Guelph. We manufacture industrial engine parts as well as automotive parts for our domestic makes and models. 

My intention was to work as a technician at a successful dealership full-time but was asked to try out as a maintenance employee repairing everything from robots to CNC machines and found this job to be very self fulfilling as well!

Fixing cars has been something I have been learning and doing on my own since I purchased my very first vehicle at 18. My passion for repairing autos has just consistently grown since then and still remains my hobby out of my home garage. Basically, I now have two jobs I love, home mechanic and a maintenance employee!