The confidence to succeed

06 Dec 2017


Taylor Waldbauer credits his education with always allowing him to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Taylor Waldbauer, graduating from Georgian College’s Automotive School of Business this October, has been awarded five scholarships so far during his post-secondary education career. Taylor says that receiving these scholarships was “extremely motivating” for him as a student, helping to maintain a positive focus while completing his Automotive Business Diploma.

Beyond a positive outlook and attitude, these awards have given Taylor he says, “the confidence to succeed.”

Prior to his time at the ABSC, Taylor worked for four years as an Automotive Service Technician and as a Service Advisor before deciding to upgrade his education to give himself the necessary skills and aptitudes to fit seamlessly into other roles within the industry. He has been able to continue working in these roles in all of his co-op terms, helping to further establish his base of industry skill, knowledge and experience.

Among the benefits of receiving multiple scholarship awards, Taylor says that the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals has been one of the most positive and impactful. These connections have helped to set him on the path to a successful, life-long career.

Taylor credits his education with allowing him to always be “surrounded by like-minded people, whether it was a professor, a classmate, or the people in the industry” that he’s had the chance to network with. Being immersed in a community of these like-minded peers and mentors “makes it a lot easier to succeed,” he says, adding that the people “push you to constantly be better and reach your true potential.”

We encourage all of our dealer members who are interested in meeting with hard-working, motivated students like Taylor to take advantage of TADA’s Career Start Education Program to help them connect with local colleges and universities as part of their recruitment and future staffing strategies.

Congratulations to Taylor and all of this year’s new graduates as they embark on the next step of their journey – meaningful, life-long careers in the automotive service and retail industry!