So What is CarProof?

10 Feb 2017


You’re in the market for a used car or truck, because you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend any more than you have to. But being on a budget also means needing to minimize your maintenance and repair costs during the time you’re going to own that vehicle.

It also definitely means you want to avoid the stress and expense that can come with buying a vehicle that has a lien on it, for example.

This is where CarProof comes in.

CarProof is a Canadian company that provides potential car buyers with Canadian data about pre-owned vehicles, so you can know if the car legally belongs to the vendor, what its repair and maintenance history is, and other valuable information.

So what makes getting a CarProof report before you buy such a smart decision?

Repair history – As mentioned, you want to know exactly what accidents if any the vehicle was involved in, and what repairs were carried out. You can trust the vendor to provide you with a full background… or you can ensure you get the full story from an independent source!

Liens – Some vendors will try to make a quick sale on a vehicle that doesn’t even belong to them! Again, you can take their word for it, or verify for yourself. A lien refers to any money currently owed on the vehicle by any party. If you buy that vehicle, you’re buying that debt.

Easy and fast – All you need to obtain a CarProof report is the vehicle’s VIN number, and usually you can receive the report within minutes of requesting it.

Evaluation of condition – A CarProof report will also include an evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, one that goes beyond what a cursory visual inspection might reveal.

Canadian vehicle information – The data collected by CarProof and that you’ll have access to is for vehicles sold into the Canadian market specifically.

Good for vendors as well – Offering a CarProof report to potential buyers is one of the best ways car vendors can send the signal that the transaction is fully transparent, and provide proof that the vehicle has never been accidented, or has had just one owner; in many cases, the value of the vehicle is increased when a CarProof report is provided.

CarProof offers two types of reports to consumers and vendors.

  1. The claims report gives detailed information on any accidents or damages incurred by the vehicle in question.
  2. The more comprehensive verified report gives that same damage and accident information, plus it will identify any possible liens currently on the vehicle.

If you want to make sure you have the full lowdown on the used vehicle you’re thinking of buying, don’t cut corners: get an independent inspection, take it for a comprehensive eat drive… and get a CarProof history report. You may save yourself a ton of headaches and expense.

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