How To Write The Best Job Posting Possible

30 Nov 2017


Writing a job posting in the 21st Century is almost an art form. Have you mastered it?

You have an opportunity open in your dealership … you know it’s a great role, a great place to work, and a great opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team … but you’re just not getting the right applicants. What to do!?

Writing a job posting in the 21st Century is almost an art form. Many of the best candidates out there are finding jobs they’re not even applying for … LinkedIn is sending great opportunities right to inboxes every morning … while more and more self-starting types are launching their own entrepreneurial businesses. Your posting needs to stand out not just from the crowd but in a recruiting world where opportunities are coming at candidates from all angles.

Get creative right from the first word and let candidates know that THIS is the job that they don’t even know they want.

Use A Great Title: This is the first thing people see when scrolling a job board; it’s what makes them decide to click or not; it’s your first point of contact. Make it punchy and attractive … throw a point or two in to the title about the role to attract people to click!

Open With A Hook: Think about the news articles you read in print or online. The first paragraph is what sells you on reading the rest of it. Use this space in your posting to draw people in and grab their interest. Highlight the two or three most exciting, unique or innovative things about the role.

Sell Your Store: What’s unique about your dealership that sets it apart from every other one across the province? What’s the best thing about working there? Mention how long your most senior staff have been working there, sell people on the awards the store has received or its commitment to community involvement.

Sell The Position: Don’t scare away potential employees with a 20-point list of requirements for the role! Instead, provide more information that will attract them to the role. What’s different about it? What about the job will challenge them? Will they get to work with certain suppliers or celebrated colleagues? Will they have educational opportunities? And yes, let people know upfront about the compensation, benefits, and other workplace perks that keep YOU working there!

Location, Location, Location: Is your dealership located in the heart of the action? Surrounded by restaurants, close to schools, easily accessible from the highway? Your ideal candidate may not live ten minutes away – they may be reading your posting from another city altogether. You want to sell the entire experience they’ll have if they take this role – and that includes when the workday ends!

Be Clear From The Start: Think about your own applications in the past. Remember sending off a resume and cover letter, waiting weeks for a reply, or never hearing from a recruiter again after an interview? Let candidates know what your recruitment process is right in the job posting. If you’re starting with a Skype interview before meeting in person – or asking potential employees to come back two or three times to meet with upper management, make this known right off the bat.  This kind of clarity shows you’re an employer who will communicate well with new staff.

What Does Success Look Like: Again, avoid the lengthy list of bullet points – but tell candidates what your ideal employee for this role looks like and what they’ll achieve in the first few months or year with your dealership. Make the expectations clear, much like with your recruitment process, as this will save both you and your potential candidates time down the road!

If you take the time to create a job posting that really captures the essence of working in your dealership – and what’s possible when someone commits to a career with you – you’ll find your quality of candidates goes up and you’ll be less likely to have to repeat the whole process in a few months!