Consumer Corner

Understanding Vehicle Purchasing Protection 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. From the fun aspects of which colours and features to select to the realities of regulations, TADA seeks to keep all parties informed and protected. 

The information in this section is geared to help you, as a consumer; to conveniently access resources that will ensure you have a positive car-buying experience.

Dealers Code of Ethics

The Canadian Automobiles Dealers pledge honours three core values: Integrity, Competence, and Accountability. 

To learn more about automotive smog, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel saving technologies, and more, read the full document here: Dealers Code of Ethics.

The Real Story Behind Auto Emissions

Did you know?

Older vehicles make up the largest group of vehicle emissions offenders worldwide. Roughly 1 million of these vehicles, 20 years or older, are currently being driven on Canadian roads. Removing these 1 million cars would equate to the removal of 37 million cars worth of smog!

Tips from the CADA include small changes that can make a big difference:

  • Plan your trips to avoid traffic congestion.

  • Don't carry more in your car than you need to.

  • Make sure your vehicle receives regular maintenance.

Visit for the full list of tips.

Get the Auto Emissions in Canada PDF.

For more information visit the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association or Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers