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10 Feb, 2017
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Matthew Eldridge was the 2015-2016 winner of the TADA Automotive Service Technician Co-op Award at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario.

06 Jan, 2017
Category: Career

My name is Tony Langford and I was awarded the Trillium Automotive Dealers Association award at Conestoga College in May 2015. It was such a great accomplishment for me being just under 40 years of age and I really wanted my kids to see that 'What you put in, you will get out'.

24 Aug, 2016
Category: Career

We’re moving into autumn, and a new season in which we leave the lazy, carefree days of summer and get back to reality. Fall is when the students return to school, companies launch new products and programs and social and professional groups restart their calendar of activities. It’s a season that tends to be a time of renewal and for new beginnings. So, is it a good time for you to relaunch your job search?

16 Aug, 2016
Category: Career

Being a student or graduate of a general studies degree can trigger an array of questions from others: What will you do after graduation? You didn't specialize, so what types of jobs are out there?

29 Apr, 2016
Category: Career

Co-op season is upon us! Across Ontario, thousands of college students are in the midst of searching for their ideal summer work term experience – and dealers throughout the province should be taking advantage of this!

23 Mar, 2016
Category: Career

You have sent a resume to a company you'd like to interview with and you haven't heard back right away. What do you do next? 

22 Jan, 2016
Category: Career

Durham College (DC), in partnership with the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and the Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, in conjunction with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is working with the Government Technical Institute (GTI) of Georgetown, Guyana to develop and implement a new Automotive Electronics Technician program. 

21 Jan, 2016
Category: Career

Cars and Jobs is your go-to-resource if you’re looking for a job in the car business in Ontario. Whichever field interests you, whether it’s in sales of new or used cars, truck sales, maintenance and repair services, financing or other, why not put the odds in your favour – look in the places where car dealerships, auto groups and carmakers are posting the most and best positions! 

07 Jan, 2016
Category: Career

The job market today in Ontario, Canada and around the world is more uncertain and in flux than ever before. The manufacturing, forestry and other traditional sectors are facing challenges that promise no easy solutions. And yet, the automotive industry has been recording record sales across a broad spectrum of segments and markets this year. Choosing a career in the car business in Ontario is now, more than ever, a smart hedge against the ongoing uncertainties of our province’s job market. 

04 Jan, 2016
Category: Career

A brand new year is a GREAT time to restart your career search! Here are some handy tips from Liz Ryan of HCareers on jumpstarting your job search for the new year! 

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