Resume Spring Cleaning

04 May 2018


March Break is over. Easter has passed. College and university students are about to sit down for final exams. Now is the perfect time for some SPRING CLEANING … of your resume!

Dust, polish, make it sparkle … Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your CV and hit the pavement to get your career search underway. Whether you’re looking for summer positions while you’re in school or it’s time to start some serious career planning, a fresh and rejuvenated resume is the best way to start.

Make It Concise

Studies show you have a mere 7 seconds to make an impression on a recruiter with your resume – so everything important about you has to be there, front and centre and easy to find! Do your very best to condense your CV to one page with all the key information about you that relates to the position for which you’re applying easily visible on the top half of that page.

Update And Remove

Have you had recent training? Attended special courses or received a unique award or acknowledgement? Make sure that’s there – and make room for it by removing stale information that’s not relevant or applicable. If you’ve graduated from post-secondary and are starting your career search, “Lead in the High School Musical” is a fun topic of conversation but it shouldn’t be taking up a line on your resume!

Proofread. Then Proofread Again. And Again.

Recruiters list typos and spelling errors as one of the top reasons that otherwise solid candidates don’t make it to the next stage of the process. For every job out there, you’re hoping to be hired as a representative of a company, brand or organization. You will be selling and promoting that organization wherever you go – and employers want the best possible candidates to do that. Someone who has typos on their resume has failed to sell themselves … and that doesn’t send a “hire me” message to an employer.

Make It Match

One of the biggest mistakes that candidates make with their resumes and other career documents is not paying attention to their own skills and experience – and those being sought by the employer. Latte-making or shelf-organizing skills aren’t all that important to someone who’s hiring an Accounting Clerk … but they might be to an employer who’s hiring a Parts Department Assistant. Make sure that your resume is updated with the skills that matter to the industry you’re trying to enter – and that each and every application involves checking and double-checking to make sure what you’re selling lines up with what they’re seeking!

Life Hack: This advice and information applies 100% to your LinkedIn profile, as well! Give that a fresh coat of career-search paint while you’re at it!