Back To School: A Great Time To Renew Your Job Search

24 Aug 2016


We’re moving into autumn, and a new season in which we leave the lazy, carefree days of summer and get back to reality. Fall is when the students return to school, companies launch new products and programs and social and professional groups restart their calendar of activities. It’s a season that tends to be a time of renewal and for new beginnings. So, is it a good time for you to relaunch your job search?

If you’re a recent graduate who is no longer doing the usual fall return to the classroom, or if you have kids making the back-to-school journey, then yes, this is a good time to startup or relaunch your job search, or to kick your current job search efforts up a notch. 

Like the New Year, people enter fall making assessments of various aspects and situations in their lives. 

Inside companies, employees, particularly hiring managers, return from the Labor Day weekend ready to look at their needs and goals for the rest of the year and to start thinking about planning for the New Year ahead. They are returning from their vacations, shorter work weeks and slower pace of the summer to their usual, more consistent routine, but also new responsibilities, projects and challenges. Business tends to ramp up in the fall, particularly if it slowed down a bit over the summer months. 

For that reason, fall is when many companies think about hiring new personnel, creating new positions or filling a position that might have opened in previous months. Like the New Year, it’s a big hiring period and a time when the job market explodes. If you’re a new graduate or someone who’s thinking about jump-starting a job search or just looking for a new opportunity, either with your current employer, a new company, or in a different career, then the fall is a great time to kick-off your job hunting. 

To get started, you’ll want to dust off your resume and update it to reflect your recent experience, then look through job listings to see what positions are open out there that will be a good fit for you.

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