About TADA

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) collaborates with educational institutions to help consult and design a curriculum that is current and relevant. We develop tools and material that promote careers in the automotive industry and ensure quality candidates.

TADA is over 100 years old and develops high ethical standards that every dealer member must respect to remain a member in good standing. TADA members are also members in good standing with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC). TADA members employ over 47,000 professionals and generate $27 billion in retail sales.

Our Education Committee and a full-time Education Coordinator drive our commitment to members and job seekers. Our focus is to create relationships between colleges, the industry, and school boards whose graduates will be tomorrow's workforce.

TADA & Ontario School Boards

TADA works at the secondary school level to promote college programs that can lead to lifelong automotive careers.

Our Career Start brochure is distributed to schools across the province. We also provide workshops and presentations to secondary school students about the career paths they can explore with an automotive education. 

For TADA Education workshops, please contact Dave Fraser (davef@tada.ca) or call 905 940-3017.

We establish and enhance co-op education opportunities with dealerships to provide secondary school students with valuable, on-the-job experience.

We also participate in career-planning events in Ontario secondary schools to promote the industry and programs that can lead to exciting careers.

Visit www.tada.ca for more information.