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Welcome to Cars and Jobs, your new marketplace for substantial car job opportunities across Ontario. Choose from a wide range of meaningful opportunities to begin or advance in a career in the automotive industry., bringing together all the best car jobs opportunities across Ontario in one easy-to-use resource! Read More...

This new website created by the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) is designed to provide easy access to all career opportunities and car jobs currently offered by dealerships and other segments of the car industry in Ontario. Cars and Jobs also offers you a comprehensive listing of available used cars, dealerships and auto groups, as well as updated Auto News and Reviews items to help you stay up on all the latest car career and automotive industry news!


Your one-stop Ontario car jobs marketplace offers you a unique resource for finding the car job that fits your abilities, preferences and geographical location, all under one roof! You can search by field, department, geographical area or specific dealership. All listings are updated on a continual basis, so you won’t miss out on any car career opportunity as it comes up!

TADA has also established an Education Committee dedicated to working together with educational institutions to design programs and curricula for facilitating entry into meaningful car jobs for people across Ontario. The automotive industry today remains one of the largest employers in the country; find out how you too can get a rewarding car job and embark on a career in the automotive industry!

Car industry jobs in Ontario are available in a wide range of different fields connected by a common love of automobiles and recreational vehicles and of serving members of the public on a daily basis:

  • Sales – For those who enjoy dealing with the public every day and sharing their knowledge of automotive products, embarking on a career in auto sales is a step that is as rewarding as it is challenging! Check out our listing of available sales jobs today.
  • Reception – Be the first point of contact for many potential clients, and wow them with your friendly, courteous approach! If you’re people-oriented and enjoy interacting with clients, this is for you.
  • Financing – Those with a head for numbers and training in financial products will find a wealth of opportunities open to them with a career in financial services in the auto industry. Most people use financing of some sort when acquiring a vehicle – be at the centre of it!
  • Service – Ontario sees a permanent demand for qualified service professionals in the automotive industry, and there are many high-quality training centres in urban centres as in rural areas in Ontario to help you become a certified auto mechanic. If you’re good with your hands and have a head for things mechanical, roll up your sleeves today!

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